Returning cypher query aggregate values such as SUM and COUNT via the .NET Neo4jClient

Take a look at the following cypher query which is used to return regions with ‘east’ in their names and their associated research grants.

START region=node:vop(‘region:east’)
MATCH region<-[?:RESIDES_IN]-organisation-[?:HOLDS]->grant
RETURN region, grant

Nothing wrong with the above query….. Continue reading

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Adding a fulltext index for a Talend Big Data neo4j import

I have recently been migrating data from SQL Server to a neo4j database using Talend Big Data. It was apparent from an early stage that creating fulltext indexes is not supported in Talend BD or at least poorly documented if it does exist. So here is how I got around the problem….. Continue reading

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How to flush the SharePoint cache

It is possible to use the CacheManager, an internal class, found in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing assembly to flush the cache as follows -

            //The CacheManager is an internal class found in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing assembly
            //Its methods can be used if invoked
            Assembly lib = Assembly.Load("Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing, Version=, Culture=neutral,PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c");

            Type cmType = lib.GetType("Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.CacheManager");
            MethodInfo getManager = cmType.GetMethod("GetManager", new Type[] { typeof(SPSite) });

            //Get a cache manager for the site
            using (SPSite site = new SPSite("http://yoursite"))
                object cacheManager = getManager.Invoke(new object(), new object[] { site });

                //Flush the site's cache
                MethodInfo flushCache = cmType.GetMethod("FlushCache", new Type[] { typeof(bool) });
                flushCache.Invoke(cacheManager, new object[] { true });
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Publishing Page Image disappears when the page is published

I recently created a feature for a publishing site. The deployment included a custom master page, layout and new home page. The feature activated and the home page was editable, allowing me to add a publishing image to the content. However, as soon as I checked in and published the page the image would disappear.
Turned out that I had assigned the wrong content type to the new default home page. I had set it to ‘Page’ instead of ‘Welcome Page’.

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ITEMS and LIST menus do not appear in SharePoint 2013

Having navigated to a new custom list I noticed that the Items and List menus where not appearing.

Items and List menus

However, when I clicked the Settings icon they miraculously appeared. Other custom lists did not exhibit the same behaviour. The penny then dropped, the only difference between the new custom list and the others was the inclusion of a summary link web part. When I removed the web part the menus reappeared.
The work around, click the Settings icon, click away from it and the menus appear.

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