Using date ranges in CAML queries

The following code is the easiest way I have found to retieve items from a list using a date range.

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPQuery camlQuery = new Microsoft.SharePoint.SPQuery();
camlQuery.Query = @"<Where>
                        <FieldRef Name=""EventDate""></FieldRef>
                        <FieldRef Name=""EndDate""></FieldRef>
                        <Value Type=""DateTime"">
                      <FieldRef Ascending='TRUE' Name='EventDate' Type='DateTime' />
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2 Responses to Using date ranges in CAML queries

  1. ceej says:

    1. What exactly does the above query give us results-wise? All those items where the value of Now falls between the values of EventDate and EndDate?

    2. What about using something similar to the following to retrieve items which match a date range? In this example all items which were created in the last seven days.

    			<FieldRef Name="Created" />
    			<Value Type="DateTime">
    				<Today OffsetDays="-7" />
    • frogman says:

      1. I used the query in a webpart that only displays current events. The events are stored in a SharePoint calendar, a selection of the current events, those which have an EventDate < = Now and EndDate >= Now, are surfaced in the web part used on the home page.

      2. A valid point which I am sure would have many uses. Thanks ceej.

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